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we help marketers in the happiness of pursuit

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What We Do For Our Clients

Brands, agencies, platforms and publishers rely on Deck 7 for lead acquisition at scale. Our clients and partners consider us one of the top lead generation companies in the world and the best lead generation company in the US for business-to-business marketing.

Clients leverage our team of over 400 professionals for 3,700+ campaigns each year across 16 industries and verticals. Our reach includes 274.8+ million decision makers worldwide through direct email and phone, besides other channels like social, search, display and connected devices.


By customizing well-tested go-to-market strategies and frameworks, like the Forrester B2B Revenue Waterfall and the Deck 7 Framework for Digital™ we use an optimized mix of inbound marketing and outbound marketing approaches powered by data and intelligence to target, detect, engage, prioritize, and close the desired opportunity mix with the buying groups at your new and existing accounts.

We help you reach your audience where they are, at the right time, and with the right message by orchestrating campaigns with the right mix of channels across email, web, mobile, social, search, display, and then retargeting the engaged audience across their buying journey.

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Clients leverage us as an extension of their marketing teams enjoying the support of our resources and experience with demand generation, data, intelligence, technology, media, events, and managed services.

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Demand Generation

Demand Generation

Deck 7 assists you in quickly scaling your sales faster with ROI-driven B2B lead generation campaigns. We maximize lead acquisition through our multichannel lead generation strategies. We make marketers’ tasks easier at every stage of the lead generation process.

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Account-Based Marketing & Sales

Elevate account-based marketing for your company by leveraging Deck 7's expertise. We help you align and bring clarity and transparency to your marketing and sales teams through our laser-focused account-based marketing strategies. We hit the right audience for you!

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Account-Based Marketing & Sales
Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing strategies are composed of multi-channel campaigns such as emails, display, social, search marketing and technology for our clients. Our tech approach and best practices keep our team ahead of the pack in this competitive bench.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is our game! From building content strategy to content creation, publishing to promotion, our industry-specific content marketing services’ groundwork is plotted for a website, email campaigns, ad banners and more that are result-proof, engaging and intriguing.

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Content Marketing
Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Our cohesive data management services are structured to provide visibility into strategies that result in accurate collection, storage, organization, and usage. We help you break down data silos and unify data to enable real-time predictive insights.

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Technology Services

Deck 7 helps you create the most sorted, custom responsive website design that functions across all browsers and operating systems. Our high-end mobile app development services deliver consistent designs keeping an impactful appearance, smooth operation, and easy navigation.

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Technology Services
Revenue Operations

Revenue Operations

Explore the streams of marketing solutions and the best processes in support for optimum sales outcomes by Deck 7 for your business. Deck 7 promotes productivity and quality when it comes to its marketing services and solutions dedicated to business leaders to help them scale leads and revenues.

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